Vineyard & wine making facilities at Koutsi, Nemea by Tselepos wine producer

In 2003 wine producer Giannis Tselepos pursuing his dream to expand his wine making activity decides to purchase a vineyard covering an area of 8.5 hectares after a long search throughout the Peloponnesian growth. This 50 year-old vineyard is located at Koutsi, Nemea at an altitude of 380 metres. Nemea is well-known among both wine producers and wine lovers as the perfect location to produce wines of the highest standards with great ageing potential from agiorgitiko grapes. Agiorgitiko produces quality wines with intense colour, rich in polyphenols and with high levels of tannins.

With the guidance and the know-how of the Tselepos Estate specialized team, we have managed to make all the necessary arrangements so that Driopi Estate meets our expectations and fulfils our dreams. This way, a stretch of 4 hectares was replanted with specially selected clones, while the rest of the vineyard was maintained, yet adjusted to our new philosophy so that it meets the high standards of Tselepos Estate, such as low yields (6 tons / per hectare) and innovative vinification methods. In the premises of the Estate there is a small state-of-the-art winery including wine cellars serving as a wine making unit for agiorgitiko.



Agiorgitiko – An exquisite grape variety prevailing in Nemea vineyards

The viticultural zone of Nemea, one of the largest winemaking regions in Greece, is surrounded by mountain ranges ending in hills and gentle verdant slopes covered in vineyards, where agiorgitiko is the prevailing grape variety.

Named after Agios Georgios (St George), which was the previous name of the region, agiorgitiko is considered to be one of the exquisite indigenous varieties of Greece. Since 1971 with an area covering 2.000 hectares, it has comprised the prominent red zone of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) of the Peloponnesian vineyard. The agiorgitiko variety is referred to as “Hercules’ blood” due to deep ruby red colour of its grapes.

The vineyard spans over a mountainous area with elevations starting at 200 metres and reaching 850 metres, roughly divided into three zones according to the altitudes. It is no wonder why agiorgitiko produces a wide range of wines for all tastes.

Indeed agiorgitiko is a multidynamic vine variety, perfectly adapting to different climatic conditions, thus producing different types of wines depending on its geographical origin. When cultivated at vineyards situated at low altitudes it produces remarkable sweet wines. Vines growing at semi-mountainous vineyards, such as at Koutsi, produce wines with high alcoholic strength, of good acidity, rich in colour and tannins. On the other hand, when cultivated in mountainous vineyards, agiorgitiko produces excellent rose wines.

Some of our most acknowledged wines, such as Nemea, Driopi Classic, Driopi Reserve and Driopi Rose are produced from agiorgitiko grapes at our state-of-the-art winery at Ktima Driopi, Nemea.


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