Hotels in Arcadia

Within short distance from the Estate, traditional guest houses in Doliana as well as hotels in the neighbor village of Rizes, or a little bit further, at the city of Tripoli are some of the choices for overnight stay.


Platia Areos 1, Tripoli 22132
Tel: + 30 2710 230300


Traditional guesthouses
Ano Doliana 22012
Tel: + 30 2710 234073, + 30 6972 706580

Restaurants in Arcadia

The land of Mantinia produces a wide variety of local products that further express the terroir of the region and the small differences in its climate lead to special varieties. Its inhabitants are engaged in farming and agriculture, which produce authentic, pure and excellent quality products. The region’s renown products in addition to wines, include Mainalon vanilla honey, authentic tasty dairy products, meat, Pilafa apples, cherries, chestnuts, potatoes, garlic, traditional eggplants and traditional sweet preserves. Due to the abundance of the products, Mantinia has a rich gastronomic tradition.

Its cuisine is simple in the use of ingredients but unique and delicious. Thus, it is directly related to the cold climatic conditions and certain old local habits that one can discover by exploring the area.

So, in order to enjoy a unique gastronomic experience with traditional local dishes and within short walking distance of Ktima Tselepos, we recommend:


Wine Restaurant – Mediterranean Cuisine
Tasou Sehioti 43 & Deligianni 1, Tripoli 22100
Τel: + 30 2710 222111


Greek Restaurant
Kalavritwn 18, Tripoli 22100
Tel: + 30 2710 231802


Traditional Tavern
(Bring Your Οwn Bottle)
Ano Doliana, Dragouni
Tel.: + 30 2710 238570, + 30 6989 444342


Family Traditional Tavern
(Bring Your Own Bottle)
Korithio, Elaioxori 22018
Tel.: + 30 2710 491235


Mediterranean Cuisine
Poulithrta, Leonidio Arcadia 22300
Tel.: + 30 27570 51339


Greek Cuisine
Paralio Astros 22019
Tel.: + 30 2755 052746


Mediterranean Cuisine
Paralio Astros 22019
Tel.: + 30 27550 51222

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