Arcadia & Ktima Tselepos

Arcadia is the place that in ancient times, was considered to be the land where the miracle of life was born.

They believed it was the birthplace of Gods and humans. It was admired and praised by historians, poets, artists, philosophers and travelers over the centuries.

Due to the presence of big massifs, the belief that recognizes the inseparable connection of its people with nature has survived in its myths and legends. The Arcadian wine, famous since antiquity, accompanied religious ceremonies and ecstatic feasts.

We find references in the texts of Homer, Aristotle, Pausanias and Theophrastus. According to these, the God Dionysus, along with his faithful follower “Arcadian” God Pan, lived and wandered in the Arcadian mountains.

The vineyards of Ktima Tselepos lie on the eastern side of the Mantinian plateau, in the center of Arcadia, at an altitude of 750 meters at the foothills of Mount Parnonas. The name Parnonas means “the shining peak”, a mountain of particular historical, cultural and ecological value to both the Peloponnese and Arcadia.

The varied topography of the land, which is characterized by small hills with excellent drainage, its claystone “poor” soil, the area’s mesoclimate and high sun exposure, are the reasons why the Estate’s location in the area was selected, utilizing its ecosystem for the production of high quality wines.

The world-famous “Arcadian Idea” is primarily a tribute to the Arcadian measure that does not allow humans to impose themselves on nature. For Ktima Tselepos, this very principle is the basis of our philosophy.

Human intervention in the cultivation of the vine should be carried out in such a way, so that the nature, the soil, the mesoclimate, and the “terroir” in total can be expressed in the best possible way and offer its dominant characteristics to the grapes and the wine it delivers.